Art Of Martine sample art


  • All Oil Paintings – Throughout Restaurant
  • Art Shoes – Women’s Bathroom
  • Cowhide Entry with Antique Door Knobs – Front Entrance
  • Wall Map of Barbacoa – Foyer
  • Painting on Main Bar Ceiling (rotates when DJ arrives Fri/Sat)
  • Hand Spun Wire and Crystal Chandelier – Hostess Stand
  • Crystal Boat (Replica of Marie Antoinette’s Boat) – Foyer
  • Padded Leather Wall – Private Room

Fire Fusion Studios sample art


  • Medusa – Main Bar
  • Metal Carriers for food (Argentina Lomo Kabobs, Mixed Seafood Grille, and Deep Fried Ice Cream Lollipops)
  • Metal Tables – Fire Pits on Patio
  • Metal Shields “Transformation” (Waterfall) & “Resurrection” (Men’s Room)

Boise Art Glass sample art


  • Glass Antler Chandelier – Main Dining Room Focal Point (3,127 pieces)
  • Hand-Blown Shot Glasses – Main Bar and Taco Bar
  • Glass Skull Sconces – Dining Room Walls
  • Bar Bubble Chandelier – Main Bar Tables

Saul Bernstein sample art

Saul Bernstein
A native to Lithuania, arrived to the United States at the age of 16 and began to paint in his spare time as a clerk at a general store in West Virginia. He later studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art and at the Art Students League in New York. Saul in known for his figure and portrait painting. Barbacoa exhibits Saul’s famous “digital redraws”, or videos that recreate famous works of art by showing stroke by stroke the genius process and eventually coming together right before our guests eyes. As you sit down to dine, there will be a blank canvas and before your next course, a painting will have emerged in a time lapsed video showing the final work of artists including Vincent van Gogh.

Imports & Antiquities

  • Pink Onyx Tile Walls – Women’s Room
  • Yellow/Honey Onyx Backlit Wall (South America) – Main Bar
  • Black/Grey Onyx Sink (East Java, Indonesia) – Men’s Room
  • Teak Balls (Broken Glass and Resign Filled After Purchased) – Foyer
  • “Round Settee” (Woven Cowhide Ottoman from Indonesia) – Foyer
  • Burl Wood from a Banyan Tree (Hand Carved from Bali) – Hostess Stand
  • Pakis Tree Bark Hanging Lights – Taco Bar
  • Swamp Tree Separation Wall (Cypress Tree Root) – Taco Bar
  • Red Limestone Coral Pots (6 Months to Cook in Kiln) – Front Patio
  • Hot Rocks Made of Natural River Stone (Riggins, Idaho) made of Black & GreyGranite
  • Cow Skulls with Glass Horns – Men’s Room
  • Teak Rive Paddy Aqueducts (400yr old from Rome) with Swarovski Crystals – Main Bar
  • 14th Century Spanish Iron Windows – Wine Room
  • Moroccan Ceiling Tiles – Taco Bar
  • 14th – 16th Century Turkish Castle Doors – Private Room
  • Hand Hewn Bean Cladding – Main Bar
  • Tongue and Groove Hand Hewn Wooden Floors – Main Bar
  • 18th Century Turkish Wooden Wine Arch/Pillars (Turkish Library) – Wine Tunnel
  • Sandstone Jali Dividers – Women’s Room
  • Copper Walls – Men’s Room
  • Peacock Mirror Ceiling – Women’s Room
  • Silver Lounge Japi (fury wall bench) – Foyer
  • Sea Coral Pot (1 Mil yr. old, found in Volcanic Sea Vent in Indonesia) – Pathway outside