A server trolleys up to your table with his cart of fresh avocados and Mason jars filled with chopped tomato, red onion, cilantro and lime, and offers to prepare fresh guacamole with plantain chips tableside. A second course of sweet corn bisque is poured from a copper steamer over a blue corn jalepeño pancake and fresh crab. A friend receives a unique signature Caesar salad, grilled over an open flame with hot, creamy smoked tomato polenta croutons. For dinner, fabulous locally produced Certified Angus Beef, dry aged in-house for 31 days, is presented on Argentine Ironwood Platters decorated with horseshoes. Four-cheese and Serrano Ham macaroni & cheese is served on the side in a mini cast iron kettle, or maybe you decided on the seven-herb wood-grilled corn-on-the-cob that is presented vertically on your plate. Either way, you revel in comfort that is intertwined with perfect chemistry and style.

The Chef

Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Chef Enrique Martinez moved to California in 1978 at the age of fourteen.  Enrique started out as a dishwasher and was mentored by many great chefs in the Laguna Beach area.  In 1990 Enrique was appointed Chef de Cuisine of The Towers Restaurant on the top floor of The Surf and Sand Hotel.  Other accomplishments include: Employee of the Year, Epicurean Rendezvous’ Best Restaurant in Southern California and Orange Coast Magazine’s O.C.’s Top Chef award.

Enrique was hired on at the famed Ti Amo restaurant in Laguna Beach in 1997 by Barbacoa owner, Robert Castoro, and was convinced to move here to Boise to head up the kitchen at Barbacoa.

Castoro states, “Enrique’s  love for food, his understanding of chemistry, his devotion to his craft and his devotion to the people who he molds, mentors and depends on to help him, make him the most valuable asset to me besides my family…  Thank you Enrique.”





In an effort to be environmentally conscious and because I personally don't enjoy being charged for water, Barbacoa offers complimentary filtered bottled water, both sparkling & still for your refreshment.

Robert Castoro — Proprietor