Stimulate Your Senses & Elevate Your Mind is our motto.

Barbacoa's culinary focus is on steak and seafood.

About Barbacoa

Barbacoa - An open-fire grilling process and grandfather of American Barbeque, Barbacoa's culinary delights are a tribute to the rancher and cowboy of the Pacific Northwest.  A rich history whose influence dates back to the Spanish conquest of the 16th century and whose lineage and lifestyles were grandfathered by the Vaqueros of Spain, the Gaucho of Argentina, the Llanero of the Brazilian Plains and the Charro of Mexico, these men, our Cowboys, worked hard, lived hard and ate well.

A multi-dimentional restaurant, Barbacoa features full service artistic dining, appetizer bar and European style loung. 

Your five senses are sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.  Barbacoa is a journey meant to touch them all.  From the time before you enter the ancient brass doors of the facility, your olfactory registers the smell of wood cooking from both our kitchens.  Your sense of sight is overwhelmed by the veritable gallery of art and antiquities housed within.  Amidst a museum of antiquities, local artisans were employed to fashion one of a kind art pieces including: fine oil paintings, hand-blown glass antler chandelier, a grand metal wine arch, hand fused cowhide walls adorned with antique door knobs, and intricate hand stamped metal and acrylic sculptures.  European lounge music sets a unique mood and vibe in a bar meant to appeal to discerning adults who are in seek of a culturally stimulatiing environment in which to socialize with friends.  Signature cocktails such as "ice-tini's" (a variety of martini's and cocktails served in solid ice martini glasses) hint at the unique flavor which is Barbacoa.

Come casual, as you are, with no thought to commitment in dress or appetite.  Barbacoa has fashioned a "come as you are" appetizer bar with lake side views that meld the inside with the out and offer a smattering of unpretentious tastes of mini tacos, "Fire Breads from our Wood-Stone brick oven and small plates meant to satiate in place of a full meal.

As Boise has quickly become a focus of National attention as a place to live, work and dine, Barbacoa presents itself as a proud representative of our lifestyle, history and vibrant culinary scene. 

The Chef

Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Chef Enrique Martinez moved to California in 1978 at the age of 14. Enrique started out as a dishwasher and was mentored by many great chefs in the Laguna Beach area. In 1990 Enrique was appointed Chef de Cuisine of The Towers Restaurant on the top floor of The Surf and Sand Hotel. Other accomplishments include: Employee of the Year, “Epicurean Rendezvous’’ Best Restaurant in Southern California and Orange Coast Magazine’s O.C.’s Top Chef Award.

Enrique was hired on at the famed Ti Amo restaurant in Laguna Beach in 1997 by Barbacoa owner, Robert Castoro, and was convinced to move here to Boise to head up the kitchen at Barbacoa.

Castoro states, “Enrique’s love for food, his understanding of chemistry, his devotion to his craft and his devotion to the people who he molds, mentors, and depends on to help him, make him the most valuable asset to me besides my family… Thank you Enrique.”


We are proud to feature some of the awards that have been given to Barbacoa over the past few years. We strive to continually be one of Boise’s premier fine dining establishments. Our recent awards include:

  • 2011 – Best of the Treasure Valley (Idaho Statesman): Best Happy Hour
  • 2011 – Best of Boise (Boise Weekly): Best Happy Hour
  • 2012 – Best of Boise (Boise Weekly): Best Happy Hour, Best Dinner, Best Fine Dining
  • 2012 – Best of the Treasure Valley (Idaho Statesman): Best Happy Hour and Best Fine Dining
  • 2013 – Best of the Treasure Valley (Idaho Statesman): Best Happy Hour and Best Fine Dining
  • 2013 – iAMfusion Awards: Best Chef – Enrique Martinez, and Best Waiter – Jimmy Rodriquez.
  • 2013 – Best Chefs in America Publication – Enrique Martinez
  • 2013 – Signs of the Times Magazine – 2nd place Best Neon Design
  • 2014 -- Best of the Treasure Valley (Idaho Statesman): Best Happy Hour, Best Fine Dining, Best Cocktails, Best Restaurant Service
  • 2015 -- Best of the Treasure Valley (Idaho Statesman): Best Happy Hour, Best Fine Dining, Best Restaurant Service, Best Dessert, Best Cocktails
  • 2015 -- Best of Boise (Boise Weekly): Best Happy Hour and Best Fine Dining

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